Hickory Smoked Blues II

Elvin.gif (77948 bytes)   From the left... Anson Funderburg, Roosevelt Dean, Rhythm Ray, Elvin Bishop, and StratcatWillie!  The big guy is the legendary Sam Myers.

BAND.gif (31349 bytes) 
Here we are... and Rhythm Ray is just honkin'!!!

Strollin.gif (96434 bytes)  ... spent a little time strollin' in the crowd...

WJ.gif (45875 bytes)  ... Catfish and the Stratcat, workin' on a groove...

RD.gif (48792 bytes)   ... Sticks and Rhythm Ray, doin' the same!

DRWdark.gif (35347 bytes)  Rhythm Ray and StratcatWillie "tradin' fours"...

Wailin.gif (74162 bytes)  Sometimes the Blues just make ya wanna wail!!!

Hickory Smoked Blues IV

BandHSB4.gif (34625 bytes) We were delighted to be back ....openin' for none other than ...Duke Robillard!     We did an entire set of original tunes and they loved 'em!

Catfish sang several of his songs...   JohnHSB4.gif (38322 bytes)

RayHSB4.gif (37670 bytes)  ...and Rhythm Ray was "smokin'" as usual!

W&Rhsb4.gif (46987 bytes)  Ya can tell, ...it was "a gas"!! WillieetalHSB4.gif (42553 bytes)


And, of course, we had to "work the crowd"!     That's half the fun of a festival, right?

WillieCrowdHSB4.gif (70168 bytes)                 WillieStrollinHSB4.gif (58379 bytes)

All that walkin' around can make an old guy tired! WillieSittinHSB4.gif (72411 bytes)

(OK, next time I have to check with my wardrobe person...am I wearing the same shirt for both shows???)