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ALL of our recordings are available both as cds and as downloads (whole cds or individual tunes) at cdBaby .... just click on the link below!


"Basic Ingredients"
            - eleven brand new originals ...plus a couple of covers done "our way"!

"Choice Cuts" 
- a full 70 minutes of LIVE BLUES recorded at Hazlitt's Winery
                                     ..... home of the world famous Red Cat Wine !!!

            - all original  never-before-recorded tunes!  This cd was reviewed by a couple of magazines and...

"BLUES REVUE" magazine describes it as , "...SOLID!"

        "BLUES BEAT" magazine says, "... fun and fresh sounding ... a real treat!"

"Hot 'n Tasty"    
      - our first  studio effort,  with six original tunes and eight classic blues covers (including a particularly sweet and haunting acoustic rendition of Terraplane Blues)  ...14 tunes in all!
            "Hot 'n Tasty" is also available at ....  DWM_Link_Logo.jpg (3276 bytes)

But, if you'd rather, you can contact us directly to purchase cds ...and we'll even sign 'em for ya, if you'd like! (We make more money that way, but ya can't use your plastic!)  
Send me an e-mail at stratcatwillie@yahoo.com and we'll work out the details


    Any ONE cd    -  $10
   Any TWO cds  -  $15
   Any THREE cds - $20
                 ...just add $3.50 shipping/handling for ANY order!
Unfortunately "Hot 'n Tasty" is  SOLD OUT! We don't have any left!  Check on-line!

... and did we mention  our "truly" first cd...  a "LIVE" recording done right here in Upstate New York over ten years ago!   Gar-un-teed to make ya tap your feet!
Drop me a line and it's yours for only $7.50  +  $2.50 shipping and handling..... 

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